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Seriously Good Venison


Vikki's cooking tips for steaks:

Because venison is so lean, it can be quickly overcooked which makes it dry and dull.

For this reason, venison is at its best when served pink, because pink meat can never be dry.

The best way to cook venison steaks is to grill or pan-fry as you would beef, but undercook them and leave them to rest in a warm dish to complete the cooking while you serve up the sauce and vegetables.

The meat is then evenly pink, tender and juicy. The thicker the steak, the longer it needs to rest. Conversely, very thin steaks may not require resting at all.

Even if you like well-done steaks, undercook them to medium-to-well-done and then leave to rest to lose the pink.

If you like your venison steaks really rare or blue, then the resting period is not important.



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